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Every child deserves quality education. Every child deserves a future.


In many communities around the world, children are unfairly excluded from the world’s progress because of who they are or where they live.


We’re doing whatever it takes to send street kids to school. With your help, we will ensure that all children learn from a quality basic education.

We are Giving Hope


GIVING HOPE invests in the next generation leaders. We give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and hope for the future.


GIVING HOPE understands that children are society’s most vulnerable and yet most valuable assets. We are passionate about securing the future of today’s children by eliminating all barriers to becoming positive contributing members of the society.

Investing in early childhood care pays big dividends for families and communities. Children’s earliest experiences dramatically affect their ability to succeed.


Our Giving Hope Centre for Children Development provides low income single parents with high quality and comprehensive early childcare for 0-5 years. We assist single parents with the responsibility of parenting and help connect them with resources to pursue their dreams of going back to school or joining the workforce.

Education is one of the many elements that need attention in the life of a destitute child. At Giving Hope we believe that every child deserves quality education.


Therefore our main objectives is to help needy children who have dropped out of school and living lives on the street to get back to school. Our street to school project aims broadly at supporting children by getting them back to school and also supporting those who are at the verge of dropping out in order to sustain and keep them in school and prevent another group from dropping out of school every year.

Today, the lives of so many young people hang in the balance. They have few or no positive adults to inspire them to make the right choices. Giving Hope is committed to empowering young people with the right skills that will help them navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world through caring adult role models.


To bring hope of a better future, Giving Hope has developed a community program in which experienced mentors are paired with both African and non-African children to raise self-esteem, promote awareness of culture and tradition, build relationship in a multi-cultural environment by enhancing cultural perspective and promoting harmony.

Want to get involved? There are numerous 

volunteer opportunities for you to impact

the lives of others. We all have something

unique to share. Contact us today.

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