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Youth mentoring programs: We believe that the proper and complete development of a child is beyond the classroom. We shall evolve a multi-dimensional approach to education which includes after-school programs that help to develop special skills and talents necessary for the modern day challenges. Our goal is to be a global technical reference for active, cooperative and personalized learning. By providing sound mentoring and organizing well-structured activities, we desire to drive large-scale social change among the children. We achieve this by promoting homework help, arts and crafts lessons, table games, gym or playground time, weekly activities in music or dance, cultural awareness activities, and field trips.


To achieve the above objectives, our strategic priority is to:


  1. Provide support and technical assistance

  2. Community corrections

  3. Research and Evaluation

  4. Strategic partnership


Our approach will focus on


  • The design and implementation of innovative education projects to improve the quality of education understood not only in terms of academic improvement but also in terms of self-esteem, democratic behaviors, peaceful co-existence and the ability to work collaboratively in groups.

  • Mentoring and follow up with children after school.

  • Teaching guides that are consistent with co-operative, participatory and personalized training approaches.



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