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Giving Hope Center... An Orphanage Of  Hope


This is a rendition of the future home of the Giving Hope Center and Orphanage of Hope.

Welcome to our building fund campaign page. We here at Giving Hope Inc. are extremely excited about our Giving Hope Center and Orphanage Of Hope. This new development will sit upon 4 acres of land in Ghana which was purchased in 2015.


The Giving Hope Center will consist of:


  • Orphanage Of Hope (An orphanage that will be home to 50 orphans.)

  • Kitchen

  • Medical Center

  • School



PHASE 1: The Orphanage Of Hope will be the first building built. It has an estimated cost of $100,000.00. 


*** The Giving Hope Center project will be completed in 3 phases.


We are asking that you please consider partnering with us by donating to our building fund campaign. It is through your generous giving that we are able to continue to offer HOPE, FOOD, EDUCATION, and soon permanent SHELTER. 


Your giving makes this possible! Click on the donate button below to support our building fund campaign. All donations are tax deductible.

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